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Good stuff.

I love you for this. More than I can express.

Not bad at all! Here are my thoughts: The jokes were all pretty funny. The timing between the two characters was on point. You did say this is your first complete flash animation, so I don't feel like there's any need to be harsh in reviewing that area. I do think it looks pretty good for your first, however!

My only criticism is one that may only bother me. I felt like Raleigh holding the guitar the whole time was a bit awkward because it seemed like he was going to strum it or something between the jokes. It might've filled in some of the "dead air" since the only audio was the sounds of the bayou and their dialogue for the most part. The song at the end that they performed saved it though. Just as it starts to feel a little dry, it changes direction and gets funky as hell.

I might sound a little negative, but I honestly loved it. It reminded me of my out-of-touch family members who use their index fingers to make phone calls on their smart phones. Keep it up!

Gotfiddle responds:

You don't sound negative at all. Thanks a lot for the kind words and advice. This was very helpful. Glad someone gets it. I was worried the humor might be a little too old fashioned.

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This game is great. Trust me, I know a great game when I see one. I can guarantee you, I have played some great games. I think this great, Let's make NewGroungs GREAT AGAIN.

This is the weirdest shit I've played all day. I like it. Kind of.

StaticSkull responds:

Lol thanks

I can't tell you how many years have passed since I first played this and it still never gets old. WHOO!

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I've been playing Flight for years mainly because of this song. I don't know why it took me this long to just look for the artist behind it. Thanks for making this, it's so lovely. Pun intended.

stackz989 responds:

Thanks to you my friend, for writing out your thoughts. It is nice to know people still listen to this song, "I'm Feeling Lovely" is 7 years old as of now.

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Not a furry...scaley? Whatever, you accomplished the mission. I'd...do things.

Damn, I geniuinely love this. The lighting on the roofs of the cars under the street lamps, and the people on the roofs of the buildings are my favorite little details. I don't know why, but they are lol. Great job with the colors, of course. WHOO!

Love the colors you used! The poses and expressions are cute too.


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